Name adoption list of Mertloch and Naunheim, 1808.
No. Old name New name Date/Plache of birth Remarks
1 Binnes [Marx-crossed out]
Marc Wolf Lives in Mertloch Binnes Hermann [This has to be Binnes, Daniel Wolff, who it was believed, died before 1800]
2 Joseph Binnes Joseph Wolf Lives in Naunheim  
3 Roese November
Rosalie Wolf 11, 1803-Pillig, Lives in Naunheim Daughter of Binnes [Joseph- crossed out,
4 Recihel Salomon Sare Wolf Lives in Mertloch  
5 Jacob Binnes Jacob Wolf Lives in Mertloch  
6 Mendel Jacob Jacob Wolf March 29, 1808-Mertloch Son of No. 4
7 Sprinz Mendel Sarre Wolf Lives in Mertloch Wife of No. 4
8 Minckel Salomon Jacob Minckel Lives in Mertloch  
9 Judge Joseph Josephine Minckel Lives in Mertloch  
10 Ester Jeannette Minckel December 9, 1794-Mertloch Daughter
11 Joseph
Joseph Minckel September 3, 1796-Mertloch Son
12 Maidgen Claire Minckel September 18,1799-Mertloch Daughter
13 Sara Sarre Minckel September 4, 1806-Mertloch Daughter
14 Abraham Binnes Abraham Wolf Lives in Mertloch  
15 Beule
Jeannette Wolf September 29, 1806-Naunheim Daughter of 2
16 Sarra
Sarre Wolf September 8, 1808-Naunheim Daughter of 2
17 Sprinz Samuel Marie Wolf Lives in Naunheim  
18 Jacob Salomon
Jacques Faber Lives in Mertloch  
19 Judgen
Sare Faber July 12, 1789-Mertloch Daughter
20 Hanné Jeannette Faber November 14, 1792-Mertloch Daughter
21 Isaac
Joseph Faber November 14, 1792-Mertloch Son
22 Beer Bernhard Faber July 31, 1794-Mertloch Son
23 Marx
Marc Faber January 19, 1800-Mertloch Son
24 Calmann Mathieu Faber September 17,1804-Mertloch Son
25 Lehmann Binnes Simon Wolff Lives in Mertloch  
26 Claire Haymann
Claire Faberh Lives in Mertloc [Wife]
27 Scheule Jeannette Wolff February 8, 1799-Mertloch Daughter
28 Daniel Daniel Wolff June 7, 1800-Mertloch Son
29 Estre Marie Wolff November 21,1802-Mertloch Daughter
30 Marx
Marc Wolff November 4, 1804-Mertloch Son
31 Beulgen Seebille Wolff September 29,1806-Mertloch Daughter
32 Jacob Jacques Wolff July 8, 1808-Mertloch Son
33 Fromet Daniel
Clare Wolff Lives in Mertloch  
34 Mandel David Manuel Krechel Lives in Mertloch  
35 Duebel David
Joseph Krechel March 1, 1803-Mertloch Son
36 David Salomon Mathieu Krechel 16 Germinal Un Cruze-Mertloch Son
37 Hendel Salomon Sarre Krechel Lives in Mertloch Wife of 34
38 Judgen Salomon Sare Minckel Lives in Mertloch  
39 Salomon Jacob Ferdinand Faber Lives in Mertloch  
40 Daniel Jacob Daniel Faber Lives in Mertloch  

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2008 AHB