Name adoption list of Oberemmel, 1808.
New name Old name Comments
Marx Levy   Husband
Anne Levy   Spouse
Irschel Levy   Child
Irschel Levy   Husband
Samuel Levy   Child
Bert Herrmann Bert Liebmann Husband
Hirtz Herrmann   Child
Geisel Herrmann   Child
Leib Herrmann
Geisel Herrmann
Geisel Liebmann
Rachel Herrmann   Spouse
Friedgen Herrmann   Child
Herz Herrmann   Child
Samuel Herrmann   Child
Jost Herrmann   Child
Jonas Herrmann
Israel Ferber Israel Meyer Husband
Esther Ferber Esther Meyer Spouse
Freudgen Ferber   Child
Judith Ferber   Child
Wogol Ferber
Isak Ferber Isak Meyer Husband
Gehl Ferber   Spouse
Mayer Ferber   Child

Published in: Willi Körtels Geschichte der Juden von Oberemmel, Kell a. See 1996
Thanks to Yosef Cornfeld who sent this list.

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