Name adoption list of Polch and Ochtendung, 1808.
No. Old Name New name Place of residence Date/Place of birth Remarks
1 Salomon Jacques Lehmen Polch    
2 Salomon Michel Lehmen Polch 1 Frimer VIII-Polch (November 22, 1799) Son
3 Freidgen Claire Lehmen Polch March 22, 1806-Polch Daughter
4 Moyses Joseph Lehmen Polch February 16, 1808-Polch Son
5 Hirsch
Michel Hirsch Polch    
6 Leib Jacques Hirsch Polch December 12,1800-Polch (son)
7 Scheiné Lisette Hirsch Polch August 2, 1802-Collig (daughter)
8 Salmé
Joseph Hirsch Polch March 18, 1805-Collig (son)
9 Behr bebe Abraham Hirsch Polch May 20, 1808-Polch (son)
10 Wolf Pascal Pascal Wolff Ochtendung   (this document signed by Oster Wolff)
11 Veilgen Lisette Wolff Ochtendung August 28, 1789-Ochtendung (daughter)
12 .............................. Abraham Wolff Ochtendung    
13 Marx David David Marks Ochtendung    
14 Minkel Michel Marks Ochtendung March 9, 1800-Ochtendung (son)
15 David
Abraham Marks Ochtendung April 16,1802-Ochtendung (son)
16 Veilgen Claire Marks Ochtendung May 26,1797-Ochtendung (daughter)
17 Süsmann Moyses Moyses Süsmann Ochtendung    
18 Hanne Anne Süsmann Ochtendung June 20,1808-Ochtendung (daughter?)
19 Mayer Moyses Pascal Süsmann Ochtendung    
20 Juedgen Judithe Süsmann Ochtendung 26 Messidor XII-Ochtendung (July 15, 1804) (daughter)
21 Manschel Moyses Süsmann Ochtendung January 12, 1806-Ochtendung (son)
22 Anschel Moyses Moyses Anschel Polch    
23 Bayerlé
Lisette Anschel Polch May 13, 1790-Polch (daughter)
24 Samuel Samüel Anschel Polch November 20,1793-Polch (son)
25 Jüdgen
Judithe Anschel Polch August 26, 1794-Polch (daughter)
26 Mauseher
Joseph Anschel Polch March 2, 1795-Polch (son)
27 Beulé
Claire Anschel Polch 15 Vendemaire VII-Polch (October 6, 1798) (daughter)
28 Isaac Isaac Anschel Polch 19 Prairial XI-Polch (June 8, 1803) (son)
29 Breunlé Rachel Anschel Polch 10 Floreal XIII-Polch (April 30, 1805) (daughter)
30 Fromet
Esthere Anschel Polch June 4, 1808-Polch (daughter)
31 Machol Anschel Michel Anschel Polch    
32 Adelaide Hirsch Adelaide Hirsch Polch    
33 Hele Anschel Helene Anschel Polch   (wife of 22)
34 Bendat Hertz Benedict Hertz Polch    
35 Hirz Moyses Abraham Susmann Ochtendung    
36 Rafel David Raphael Marks Ochtendung    
37 Benedct Oster Benjamin Wolff Ochtendung    
38 Mondjer David
Jacques Marks Ochtendung   (document signed by Jacob Marks)
39 Aaron Moyses Aaron Süsmann [Ochtendung]   (signed in Hebrew)
40 Reisgen Wolf
Rose Wolff Ochtendung    
41 Susgen Wolff
Sara Wolff Ochtendung    
42 Hervel Wolff Jaunette Wolff Ochtendung    
43 Hanne Meyer Jeunnette Meyer Ochtendung   [She is not listed in the charts]
44 Jaeyet David Sara Susmann Ochtendung    
45 Fraidgen Cahn Sara Kahn Ochtendung    
46 Auseher Wolff Jacques Wolff Ochtendung    
47 Hirz Salomon Salomon Hirtz Polch    
48 Abraham Abraham Hirtz Polch May 20, 1789-Polch (son)
49 Freidel
Joseph Hirtz Polch November 4, 1791-Polch (son)
50 Isaac Isaac Hirtz Polch April 9, 1794-Polch (son)
51 Jacques Jacques Hirtz Polch March 11, 1796-Polch (son)
52 Schlaum Simon Hirtz Polch July 15, 1798-Polch (son)
53 Esthere Esthere Hirtz Polch December 13,1799-Polch (daughter)
54 Reus Rosalie Hirtz Polch July 24, 1801-Polch (daughter)
55 Michele Hirtz Sara Hirtz Polch    

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