Name adoption list of Schweich, 1808.
Name of Declarant

New name
first name/family name

Date of birth
1 Joseph Cahn cattle trader Joseph Cahn   married to Perle  
2 Feist Israel cattle trader     married to Esther  
3 Feist Israel     Ellé daughter of Feist Israel abt. 1788
4 Feist Israel     Gereb daughter of Feist Israel  
5 Feist Israel     Moyses son of Feist Israel abt. 1792
6 Nausen Cahn cattle trader Nausen Cahn   married to Nennen  
7 Nausen Cahn     Mathau daughter of Nausen Cahn abt. 1789
8 Nausen Cahn     Cailé daughter of Nausen Cahn abt. 1794
9 Nausen Cahn     Vogel daughter of Nausen Cahn abt. 1795
10 Nausen Cahn     Raphael son of Nausen Cahn abt. 1797
11 Nausen Cahn     Gendel daughter of Nausen Cahn abt. 1800
12 Nausen Cahn     Abraham son of Nausen Cahn Sept. 21, 1804
(4. jour compl. d´ année 12 de la Revol.)
13 Nausen Cahn     Leib son of Nausen Cahn 31. July 1807
14 Feist Cahn cattle trader Feist Cahn   married to Knendel  
15 Feist Cahn     Lazare son of Feist Cahn abt. 1791
16 Feist Cahn     Leib son of Feist Cahn abt. 1794
17 Feist Cahn     Hendel daughter Feist Cahn abt. 1795
18 Feist Cahn     Brendel daughter Feist Cahn August 1796
19 Abraham Isay cattle trader Abraham Isay   married to Jachel  
20 Abraham Isay     Esther daughter of Abraham Isay abt. 1796
21 Abraham Isay     Gererl daughter of Abraham Isay abt. 1799
22 Abraham Isay     Judgen daughter of Abraham Isay Sept. 1801
(4. jour compl. d´ année 9 de la Revol.)
23 Abraham Isay     Rachel daughter of Abraham Isay March 4, 1802
(13. Ventose 11)
24 Abraham Isay     Idelgen daughter of Abraham Isay Febr. 23, 1804
(4. Ventose 13)
25 Abraham Isay     Judgen daughter of Abraham Isay 6. March 1807
26 Moyses Isay cattle trader Moyses Isay   married to Mendel  
27 Wolf Isay cattle trader Wolf Isay   married to Vogel  
28 Sueskind Israel   Sueskind Israel   son of Feist and Esther Israel (no. 2)  
29 Herz Israel cattle trader Herz Israel   married to Sara  
30 Herz Israel     Brendel daughter of Herz Israel June 1807
31 Herz Israel     Ellé daughter of Herz Israel 5. October 1808
32 Raphael Israel without Raphael Israel   (living with Feist Israel no. 2) abt. 1783
33 Salmon Cahn cattle trader Salmon Cahn   married to Ellé  
34 Salmon Cahn     Isaac son of Salmon Cahn 25. August 1803
35 Salmon Cahn     Berlé daughter of Salmon Cahn 9. April 1805
36 Salmon Cahn     Gabriel son of Salmon Cahn 8. June 1807
37 Bernard Nathan teacher of the Jews Bernard Nathan   son of Nathan Simon in Moravie, Austria born in Moravie, Austria
38 Scheinlé Cahn without Scheinlé Cahn   daughter of Joseph Cahn no. 1  
39 Scheinlé Cahn     Vogel illegitimate daughter of Scheinlé Cahn July 1, 1804
(12. Messidor 13)

Published in: The Jewish population of Schweich 1669 until 1880 by Hans-Peter Bungert et al.

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