Name adoption list of (Bad Dürkheim) Ungstein, 1808.
Old name
Age/date of birth Place of birth Occupation
New name New given name
Lazarus Callmann 55 years
Marchand Kullmann Lazarus
Joseph Michele 54(?) Jahre

Kullmann Sare
Kallmann Koppel 1790 Febr. 20 Ungstein
Kullmann Jacques
Jöckel Henke 42 years
Servant Hinckel Henriette
Hirsch Liebmann 32 years
Marchand Herzog Simon
Kallmann Merle 25 years

Kullmann Joanne
Hirsch Lippmann 1806 May 27 Ungstein
Herzog Samuel
Jacob Isaac 37 years
Revendeur Loeb Jacques Isaac
Hirsch Kailin 27 years

Loeb Catherine
Isaac Boehle 04. Frimaire X. Ungstein
Loeb Barbe
Isaac Jüdle 04. Vendemaire XII. Ungstein
Loeb Justine
Isaac Hirsch 12. Vendemaire XIV. Ungstein
Loeb Henri

Hendle 1808, Jan. 2 Ungstein
Loeb Henriette
Joseph Herz 52 years
Revendeur Herz Joseph
Isaac Reichel 50 years

Herz Regine
Joseph Feiss 1787, Sept. 27 Bellheim
Herz Philippe
Joseph Roesle 1790, Oct. 20 Ungstein
Herz Rosine
Joseph Fratel 1795, Jan. 3 Ungstein
Herz Friderique

Jüdle 54 years
Veuve Salomon Justine

Schoenle 179(?), Jan. 2 Ungstein
Salomon Sare
Michel Jacob 1791, Sept. 21 Ungstein
Salomon Jacques
Michel Salomon 31 years
Marchand Salomon Michel
Alexander Hanna 24 Jahre

Salomon Helene
Loeb Jacques 54 years
Marchand Loeb Jacques
Liebmann Madel 50 years

Loeb Madeleine
Jacob Wolf 1784, Febr. 14 Ungstein
Loeb Jacques

Hanna 1791, July 20 Ungstein
Loeb Joanne
Jacob Liebmann 08. Vendemaire VIII. Ungstein
Loeb Godofroi
Jacob Abraham 14. Nivose X. Ungstein
Loeb Abraham Jacques
Jacob Ascher 1790, Nov. 15 Ungstein
Loeb Jean Adam
Jacob Simon 1788, Aug. 20 Ungstein
Loeb Simon

Loeb 1795(?), May 12 Ungstein
Loeb Louis

Sorle 60 years
Veuve Loeb Sare

Reitz 1791, Oct. 30 Ungstein
Loeb Rosine

Jandle 1790, July 10 Ungstein
Loeb Justine
Baruch Maier 32 years
Marchand Maier Joseph
Loeb Braeunlin 23 years

Maier Barbe
Maier Baruch 1806, May 10 Ungstein
Maier Jacques

Loeb 1807, Dec. 24 Ungstein
Maier Louis

(Landesarchiv Speyer, Best. H 62, No. 947) Thanks to Stefan Jamin who transcribed and sent this list.

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