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Dr. Wolfgang Fritzsche
Kulturwissenschaftliche Dienstleistungen

Dr. Wolfgang Fritzsche

Professional help in culture-historical questions

The Kultur-Büro AHB was founded in 1996 by Dr. Wolfgang Fritzsche. Initially we provided culture services in various areas such as archive research, architectural science and documentation of historic buildings. In the meantime we offer much more, such as genealogical research, conception and execution of museum exhibitions, folklore studies and/or object research. No matter what kind of project you have for us, all of our work is executed using modern scientific methods. It goes without saying that quality, reliability and prompt delivery are the foundation upon which our work is based. AHB is your partner of choice for culture science projects of any kind.

If you go slowly through your life, you will be driven, if you run, they will make you stumble.

German-Jewish saying

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